توجه! شما در حال مشاهده‌ی نسخه‌ی متنی سایت هستید و در این حالت قالب گرافیکی، تصاویر و لینک‌ها نمایش داده نمی‌شوند. برای مشاهده‌ی نسخه‌‌ی کامل بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : چتباکس جدید (cChatBox)

November 11th, 2008, 19:28
سلام دوستان. این هم یک سیستم چتباکس دیگه برای شما.

توضیحات به زبان انگلیسی:


* Enable / Disable ChatBox
* Select if unregistred user can use or only show the chat.
* Ban Usergroup/Users from AdminCP
* Set Height of ChatBox
* Set Name Of BOT
* A BOT that answer when use a "action" or "command".
* The Number of message to be displayed is not influenced by messages of BOT because some mess of bot are visualizable only by who have used the "action" or "command".
* Command for users: /me /myip (show your ip, only you see) /stats (show statistics of chatbox)
* System of "Action" for Admin or other usergroup that you set in AdminCP.
* List of "Action": /help /topic /listaction /say /mute /unmute /lunarize /unlunarize /kennylize /unkennylize /removeactions /delmess /deleteall
* Into AdminCP you can select the allowed action.
* The Administrator by default can use the "Action"
* A Topic that is displayed at right of title "cChatBox". Can set Topic via AdminCP or with Action /topic <message>
* Select the Allowed BBCode into AdminCP.
* Into AdminCP can select the usergroup can edit/delete all messages and if users can edit/delete their own message.
* Can select if show the ChatBox on template FORUMDISPLAY (Forum List) or SHOWTHREAD (Thread List) and the Position.
* Can Enable the Users List at right of ChatBox
* Send Private Message from the menu of Users List.
* Select if display (on Users List) all user logged or only who have write on ChatBox and set the Width.
* Double Click on messages for display the Editor for Edit/Delete message.
* Editor with image of the style: Bold, Italic, Underline, Color, Smilie, URL, IMG & Remove Text Formatting
* vBMenu Popup for: Color, Smilie & Fonts.
* Border of Editor image change color when select (highlight) / deselect (default).
* Statistics of ChatBox is only visible by command "/statistics", show: Tot Mess, Your Mess & Top 5
* Can delete all message (action: /deleteall) for clear chatbox or database and not lose statistics.
* This "Action" affect the message of users: /mute (Mutes user) /lunarize (User talk funny) /kennylize (Message will be affected)
* If you can use "Action" the /help command retrieve the list of "Action" allowed, else show you the list of command.
* Can enable and insert a "Announce" and show it below chatbox.
* Select various tag for the username.
* The cChatBox is disponible in 2 language: English or Italian.
* ChatBox and Users List are autorefresh
* Select if use the class "smallfont" for the text of ChatBox
* Preview of smilies into popup
* ... and more ...


1. Download the file "product-cchatbox-1.2_eng.zip" if you use English language on your forum, if you use Italian language download the file "product-cchatbox-1.2_ita.zip".
2. Upload file 'cchatbox.php' and directory 'includes' into forum root.
3. Import XML File: AdminCP -> Plugin System -> Manage Products -> Add / Import Product
4. Go into: "AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> cChatBox" and set options for the ChatBox.


This product is compatible with vbulletin 3.6.8 and 3.7.x.
I have tested only with this version of vbulletin.

I've write also a little tool for convert the statistics of VBSHOUT for the cChatBox! You can find in the directory: "not upload/tool_cchatbox.php".
Use of this tool: Upload file "tool_cchatbox.php" in the root directory of forum and start the script only if you have installed the product cChatBox.


If you update from the version 1.0 or 1.0.1 you must delete all messages with the command /deleteall, because in the new version the "userid" of BOT is different.


v1.0 - (02/05/08)
First Public Release

v1.0.1 - (02/05/08)

Fix: Underline / Italic button
Fix: Add TABLE_PREFIX on a table of query for Users List

v1.1 - (02/12/08)
Fix: Output Date/Time for message visble only by who have write the message
Fix: Action: mute / lunarize / kennylize / topic
Fix: Message counter for statistics.
Add: Select if unregistred user can use or only show the chat.
Add: Usergroup/User that can use the "Action", although affected by them, they can use them.
Add: Send Private Message from the menu of Users List
Add: Show Button URL and IMG if select into admincp
Add: Select various tag for the username
Add: Can enable and insert a "Announce" and show it below chatbox.

v1.2 - (02/13/08)
Fix: Problems with a query of users list
Fix: Value of "Messages Time Limit (in hour) for Users List" options. Now can select 1 and the users list work.
Add: Can select if use the class "smallfont" for the chatbox.
Add: Can set the number / row of smilies into popup from the admincp.
Add: Preview of smilie when mouse is over the smilie.

v1.3 - (02/18/08)
Add: Expire time for this actions: mute, lunarize, kennylize.
Add: Checkbox for select the usergroup into admincp.
Add: Check if user is invisible and not show into users list. Are visible only by usergroup can see hidden users.
Add: Can select the position (up or down) of editor toolbar.
Add: Set the refresh time of ChatBox and Users List
Add: ONLY FOR 3.7.x VERSION: Can add friend from Users List menu.
Add: ONLY FOR 3.7.x VERSION: Show "+" after username into Users List if the user is a friend.

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