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June 4th, 2009, 00:14
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Tomahawk Gold 4.1 | 5.03 Mb

Tomahawk Gold - state of the art word processing with the ability to create and edit PDF file content natively. No need for Adobe or other third party software to be installed on your computer! Tomahawk can be used as an advanced editor for rtf, txt, xml, tmd, ctd (our own formats) and other file formats. Convert files to other formats. Converts Html to PDF, Text to PDF, Rtf to PDF and Tmd to Pdf. Save to formats include rtf, txt, html, pdf, tmd, ctd and xml.

Multi-language support for 21 languages - Instantly switch between languages.
· Customizable Menu - You can set which items you want visible on the main menu and that setting will be remembered the next time you start Tomahawk.
· Network compliant configuration.
· Password Protection - ability to add password protection using a 128 bit Rijndael (AES) encryption cipher when you save in our new highly compressed CTD format! Check out our test results.
· XML format - Tomahawk can now save in the universal XML format with built-in DTD (using our own style sheet).
· XML is an universally recognized file format.
· XML is a text file, so you can edit XML files in any text editor.
· Images are saved as text right inside the XML file - no extra files to keep track of when distributing.
· You can view XML files in every XML-compatibile Web Browser.
· Tables - Tomahawk supports tables and tables nested inside of other tables. You can set the border style, background color (in both tables and cells), border style, embed images, cell alignment, etc. Insert or delete rows and columns into existing tables. Merge and split cells
· Table Headers - Table header row(s) can be set to repeat on subsequent pages during printouts or exporting to PDF for large tables.
· Dockable Toolbars - Allows docking on all four edges of editor screen. Toolbar configuration can be saved and loaded later.
· Form Controls - You can insert Text Fields, TextBoxes, Checkboxes and ComboBoxes into your Tomahawk Gold documents. These controls can be saved to Tmd, Pdf, Xml and Html files. (View example pdf form here - View).
· NEW! - Forms created in Tomahawk Gold can now be filled out and saved to disk by other users with our TmdView program which is available free!
· OLE Controls - You can embed ole controls inside Tomahawk Gold documents. Ole controls are not saved in file formats other than Tomahawk Gold documents. (Tmd, Ctd, and XML)
· Background images - Set a background image for your document. Images can be displayed as tiled, normal, stretched, bottom left bottom right, top left, top right and centered. Tables can have their own background image.
· Bullets - Tomahawk supports several levels of bullets, including the ability to use images as bullets.
· Charts - Design and Insert charts directly inside your documents as image files.
· Import - Import files in rtf, text, html, MS Converter Files.
· Export - rtf, txt, html, and other formats depending on converters installed.
· Spell check - 26 dictionaries available
· Thesaurus - 2 available (US and UK)
· Import and Embed tables directly from from a delimited file. Csv, Tab, etc.
· Search & Replace
· Drag & drop - inserting for supported files and images.
· Advanced font - Supports character spacing, offset and horizontal scaling.
· E-mail - Send your current document or newly created PDF file directly from the Tomahawk screen. *** Requires mapi compliant e-mail software to be installed on your computer for this feature to function correctly.
· Change Print Clipping - Determine whether to clip printouts to page margins or allow overflow. Default is to allow overflow.
· Embedded Hyperlinks support.
· Remove Hyperlinks button - removes all hyperlinks from the current document. (Does not remove hyperlinks from images.)
· Embedded internal jump links to a specific page in pdf files.
· CHM Extraction - Now supports extracting formatted text and images from CHM files. (Compiled help files are decompiled and contents are saved to disk).
· Install Support - CD Version Only
· Help File
· User Manual ready for printing - CD Version Only

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