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Mahdi Hero
November 13th, 2010, 17:46
Here is the list of all softwares and tools included in Net Tools 4.5. Incredible !

Network admin
IP Address Scanner - IP Calculator - IP Converter
Port Listener - Port Scanner - Ping
NetStat (2 ways) - Trace Route (2 ways) - TCP/IP Configuration
Online - Offline Checker - Resolve Host & IP
Time Sync - Whois & MX Lookup - Connect0r
Connection Analysator and protector - Net Sender
E-mail seeker - Net Pager - Active and Passive port scanner
Spoofer - Hack Trapper - HTTP flooder (DoS)
Mass Website Visiter - Advanced Port Scanner
Trojan Hunter (Multi IP) - Port Connecter Tool
Advanced Spoofer - 2 Advanced Anonymous E-mailer
Simple Anonymous E-mailer - Anonymous E-mailer with Attachment Support
Mass E-mailer - E-mail Bomber - E-mail Spoofer
Simple Port Scanner (fast) - Advanced Netstat Monitoring
X Pinger - Web Page Scanner - Fast Port Scanner
Deep Port Scanner - Fastest Host Scanner (UDP)
Get Header - Open Port Scanner - Multi Port Scanner
HTTP scanner (Open port 80 subnet scanner)
Multi Ping for Cisco Routers - TCP Packet Sniffer - UDP flooder
Resolve and Ping - Multi IP ping - File Dependency Sniffer
EXE-joiner (bind 2 files) - Encrypter - Advanced Encryption
File Difference Engine - File Comparasion - Mass File Renamer
Add Bytes to EXE - Variable Encryption - Simple File Encryption
ASCII to Binary (and Binary to ASCII) - Enigma
Password Unmasker - Credit Card Number Validate and Generate
Create Local HTTP Server - eXtreme UDP Flooder - Web Server Scanner
Force Reboot - Webpage Info Seeker - Bouncer
Advanced Packet Sniffer - IRC server creater - Connection Tester
Fake Mail Sender - Bandwidth Monitor -Remote Desktop Protocol Scanner
MX Query - Messenger Packet Sniffer - API Spy - DHCP Restart
File Merger - E-mail Extractor (crawler / harvester bot)
Open FTP Scanner - Advanced System Locker -
Advanced System Information - CPU Monitor - Windows Startup Manager
Process Checker - IP String Collecter
Mass Auto-Emailer (Database mailer; Spammer)
Central Server (Base Server; Echo Server; Time Server;
Telnet Server;تنها اعضای سایت قادر به دیدن لینک‌ها هستند. FTP Server)
Fishing Port Scanner (with named ports)
Mouse Record / Play Automation (Macro Tool)
Internet / LAN Messenger Chat (Server + Client)
Timer Shutdown/Restart/Log Off/Hibernate/Suspend/Control
Hash MD5 Checker - Port Connect - Listen tool
Internet MAC Address Scanner (Multiple IP) - Connection Manager / Monitor
Direct Peer Connecter (Send/Receive files + chat)
Force Application Termination (against Viruses and Spyware)
Easy and Fast Screenshot Maker (also Web Hex Color Picker)
COM Detect and Test - Create Virtual Drives - URL Encoder
WEP/WPA Key Generator - Sniffer.NET - File Shredder
10 Local Access Enumerater -
Steganographer (Art of hiding secret data in pictures)
Subnet Calculater - Domain to IP (DNS) - Get SNMP Variables
Internet Explorer Password Revealer - Advanced Multi Port Scanner
Port Identification List (+port scanner) - Get Quick Net Info
Get Remote MAC Address - Share Add - Net Wanderer
WhoIs Console - Cookies Analyser - Hide Secret Data In Files
Packet Generator - Secure File Splitting
My File Protection (Password Protect Files, File Injections)
Dynamic Switch Port Mapper - Internet Logger (Log URL)
12 Get Whois Servers - File Split&Merge - Hide Drive
Extract E-mails from Documents - Net Tools Mini (Client/Server, Scan, ICMP, Net Statistics,Interactive, Raw Packets, DNS, Whois, ARP, Computer's IP, Wake On LAN)
Hook Spy - Software Uninstaller - Tweak & Clean XP
Steganographic Random Byte Encryption
NetTools Notepad (encrypt your sensitive data) -13 File Encrypter/Decrypter
Quick ***** Server - Connection Redirector (تنها اعضای سایت قادر به دیدن لینک‌ها هستند. IRC, ... All protocols supported)
Local E-mail Extractor - Recursive E-mail Extractor - Outlook Express E-mail Extractor
Telnet Client - Fast Ip Catcher - Monitor Host IP
FreeMAC (MAC Address Editor) - QuickFTP Server (+user accounts support)
NetTools Macro Recorder/Player (Keybord and Mouse Hook)
Network Protocol Analyzer
Steganographic Tools (Picture, Sounds, ZIP Compression and Misc Methods)
WebMirror (Website Ripper) - Extra Tools (nmap console & win32 version)
Configuration :Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista

Category: Applications

Total Size: 26.54 MB

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