Networking Essentials: A CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Textbook, 4th Edition
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CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Computer Networks
CHAPTER 2: Physical Layer Cabling: Twisted Pair
CHAPTER 3: Physical Layer Cabling: Fiber Optics
CHAPTER 4: Wireless Networking
CHAPTER 5: Interconnecting the LANs
CHAPTER 7: Introduction to Router Configuration
CHAPTER 8: Introduction to Switch Configuration
CHAPTER 9: Routing Protocols
CHAPTER 10: Internet Technologies: Out to the Internet
CHAPTER 11: Troubleshooting
CHAPTER 12: Network Security
CHAPTER 13: Cloud Computing and Virtualization
CHAPTER 14: Codes and Standards
نویسنده: Jeffrey S. Beasley, Piyasat Nilkaew
ناشر: Pearson IT Certification
سال نشر: 2016
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