[align=left:e30260256d]Babylon 6 is a powerful dictionary and translation software. To get translations and dictionary result with Babylon 6, simply click on any text in any desktop application, using a preselected mouse button or key stroke. The Babylon window opens and displays a translation or dictionary and encyclopedia results for the text you selected.
Babylon 6 includes a full text translator service that can handle sentences and passages of up to about x characters (about 50 words). Babylon 6 includes a conversion utility that recognizes different types of numbers and units and converts these values into different currencies, units of measure or time zones. Babylon 6 also provides audio pronunciations and phonetic symbols to help users hear and pronounce terms correctly. Babylon 6 includes writing aids, such as [/align:e30260256d]
این نرم افزار بی شک بهترین فرهنگ لغت انگلیسی به انگلیسی(آکسفورد) است.

حجم=>>22.7 MB
منبع=>>میکس ایران
روش دانلود=>> غیر مستقیم -راپیدشر ( خیلی ببخشید!)
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